I've been eating raw meat

Welcome to our house! It's time to leave now!

Welcome back!
It's been awhile and there's been a lot happening at night. The quote is by a friend's girlfriend at his housewarming party. Maybe the coolest thing was the free three course dinner at CRU. Most of it was raw meat, boeuf tartar for starter and medium roast beef for the main course. The cool part is that you get a shot of vodka when you order the tartar.

Everyone is someone in L.A. and even photographers get shot.

A part from the dinner and the housewarming party, I went to Mojo 2 in Must Puudel with Rhythm Doctor DJing. Saturday - two birthday parties in Tartu, one at Tigutorn. The first culminated when they brought out the jello and some guests ended up with whip cream mustaches, monobrows and cheeks. The second one involved making pelmeens in the middle of the party and then eating them all.

I promise I won't post any more food photos.

There's a lot going on so I'm going to keep this post super short. Listen to the tracks and download which ever ones you need, because I'll be taking half of them down soon.

See you at the pool party,