Leaving Estonia!

photo: Alver Linnamägi

The art auction approaches and my dream island is waiting for a buyer. There's a photo of the exhibition opening from another newspaper. I'm in the middle. As it turns out I won't be here at the time of the auction. Instead I will be on another dream island - Sicily to be precise. Going there to rest from the hard fall weather. Walking in the sunshine eating pizza and enjoying fragolino. The auction takes place on the 8th of october in Hotel Dorpat 17:00.
The Tallinn Daggers single with my remix will be available soon. It will be released the second week of October. I am eager to hear the other remixes, one from my friend Kalvik and also to see the design. Even the sound of the track could be a surprise as I haven't yet heard the master.

In these past weeks I took a while to listen to new music in the trash/dirty electro scene and to feel the directions that the scene is going toward. I discovered some artists that I now like: Haezer, Dead disco drivers and Shekel to name a few. Their dirty electro sound inspires me to follow a similar direction although my music will bend a couple of rules in music. In addition I have been researching the technical aspects of sound, just reading FM and online forums. The information that is out there can be really confusing all together but there's a lot to be learned. "Learn everything you can and then forget it and do what you want" as someone put it. Reading something like FM really shows you what long way you have to go. Comparing the stuff they use to my gear is inspiring and frustrating at the same time. I will give it my best and soon you'll have a taste of the results.

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