Landing a chopper with sound.

The Live at the helioport was a real experience. The sea breeze, the chopper and the guests lounging with the birthday boy. There were boats leaving and arriving as well and some fishermen who came to see what was going on. It took lots of drinks to keep warm but it comes with the job especially when playing in cool venues.

I decided to share a preview of the Röövel Ööbik remix which has not yet been released. It's the youtube video in the beginning of the post. It's a bit softer than my usual approach and has chilled vibe to it that can be enjoyed while à l'herbe.
I gained some insight into which direction pursue with my music so new tracks should be following soon and parties where those tracks will be played for your dancing pleasure. It will be the distorted bassline type of stuff in the lines of Proxy and MSTRKRFT I personally call it Drtylectro.

I'm playing live this saturday. This time in Tartu at a crazy party that's called Jurjev Supersonic 2. My design old school flyer is below. All the new remixes, fresh tracks and old classics will be played. See you there!

BTW if you haven't checked out Steve Aoki and Armand van Helden's collaboration on a track called Brrrat then be sure to do it. I've listened to it a hundred times already.