#184 First in Berlin

don't You like Berlin?

The crew posing as a 90s band.

Greetings from Berlin where I have relocated to for at least a while. Having grown tired with Tallinn I decided to buy a one way ticket to Berlin to possibly stay here for longer.

Enjoying cigarettes and some Riesling wine by the S Bahn.

I must send props to Air Baltic for one of the smoothest flights I've ever been on with a seamless transfer in Riga. The local public transport was almost as good and I only rode one stop in the wrong direction.

Sharing a Club Mate vodka in the Berlin night before the techno club.

Having lived in Paris for a year it's the main experience I can compare this to. The main difference is that while Berlin is about nine times bigger than Paris it doesn't have that many more habitants (2 mill vs 3,5 mill). This translates into more space, longer travels and less of a crowd.

The space between numerous techno clubs.

Berlin is a city of sin, if you consider drinking, smoking and taking drugs as a sin. It's okay to drink everywhere and that's what people do. A decent bottle of Riesling wine starts from 2€ and a cheap beer is 30 cents. Weed is being quite freely smoked everywhere. Also helpful guys approach you on the busier central streets offering molly or other substances for sale. In that sense I guess it's not that different from Paris. According to Vice magazine these are also the two most dangerous cities for buying drugs.

The visual metaphor of Berlin culture.

The local bars are interesting and at times cheaper than the ones in Tallinn. The atmosphere is laid-back throughout the city and I imagine there are quite a few young people who wake up discovering they have turned thirty or forty.

While visiting her we discovered a stash of old caps.

The sunny morning after a night out.

The landmark Fernsehturm

See you in Berlin.