#181 Tallinn Music Week 2014

I listen to Bass and clap in the morning when I don't want to get out of bed

Sending big props to everyone who were a part of this experience for me. The guys from Stockholm, all the Latvians (you were much fun) and the people from Loftas, which already seems like the coolest Lithuanian venue.
Press play and read on.

Tallinn Music Week had me on a sleep diet ~15 hours of sleep during the three festival nights. It was well worth it as I saw good bands and met great people. The track is what the international crowd had to say about my music at the "Check My Demo" panel, where random demos are picked and critiqued.

Toomas Oljum interviews Kerli Kõiv about her road to making it.

Kerli delivered a very refreshing talk at the panel in a very no-nonsense relaxed way. It was truly inspiring and I have much respect for her.

Kerli Kõiv and the press.

Von Kuusk who I very vaguely remember seeing, but I had this photo.
Hanf Kung who weren't wearing caps for some reason.

Hanf Kung - the rap group who made a rap about my home shop.

Ashnikko was the one wearing The Pants at the Hip Hop showcase.

Ashnikko is a USA born female rapper who lives in Latvia. As petite as she is, she managed to take over the whole stage almost singlehandedly with her impressive energy and in your face attitude that reminded me of Uffie. She had the coolest shorts printed with motives from windows 95, which seems to be a hot trend in some Latvian circles. I might talk more of her in the future.


Sus Dungo fairy army with two girls still missing from the photo.
Sus Dungo who are 7 beautiful Latvian fairies took my by surprise and instantly. I couldn't believe it, I would usually run the other way when I hear that something folky is coming up. Sus Dungo filled the audience's field of vision with tangible beauty and sonically blasted their audience with a multitude of voices. I wasn't even bothered by the fact that I couldn't understand the Latvian songs.

Sus Dungo's harp which is apparently from Apple.

Badass Yuki hypnotizing set.

Badass Yuki was a force to be reckoned with and my faith got renewed. They filled my head with the "American Man" for my walk back home. Mart Avi was as certain as a Greek statue and Paul Sild was sporting a Batman shirt and bobing around his side of the stage. The chemistry was something otherworldly.

Badass Yuki.

Odd Hugo on Saturday.

Odd Hugo, who was charming as usual, but I can't wait for the next album to come out, luckily they play some of their tracks a little differently in their lives. They inspire me with their sincerity.

Odd Hugo on Friday.

Head over to my Facebook for info about the "Neon Gold" mixtape that is released under Trash Can Dance label today. It's a very limited release and it won't be in any shops, so if you want one then drop me a line.

Neon Gold mixtape.

More news soon!