No sleep, just play

That hallway live was really special

What a wild weekend. I played three nights in a row, it's a personal best. It all started on Thursday night when I was the warm up DJ for Sunlight Heart at Von Krahl bar. I played the first hour and to keep it mellow I played tracks I wouldn't get to usually play.

Pouring shots of beats at Von Krahl

There were not that many people, but the night was fun. The bad part was when the sound guy took one of the RCA cables that connected the deck to the mixer and told me to keep playing with one deck.

The set up for the apartment-hallway live.

It sucked, but somehow I managed to pull it off. On the bright side there was rum back stage, just too bad there was nothing but beer to mix it with.

The crowd of my apartment live.

On Friday Ao street was celebrating it's 80th jubilee. People were on the streets with tables full of food and drinks. There were reinforcements from the Uus Maailm district and nearby streets.

Playing from the apartment.

I was to play a live in a hallway. Hannaliisa Uusmaa also played a set in the hallway next door, but unfortunatly I didn't see it happening as I was busy setting up my own set.

These girls were in a hurry to flee from Leace and Pove.

The short 20 minute live was cool, as I have never seen a setup like that and the people seemed to enjoy standing in the hallway and on the stairs. If something then maybe the speakers should have been bigger.

At Noorus, looking for Bert on Beats.

After the jubilee I swung by Leace and Pove to see what it's all about. I had to see Progress for a second day in the row there. The space at Guitar hunt wasn't best for this kind of party as it was mostly chairs and tables and not that much room to move around in.

The awesome bar staff, too bad yet again there was no long drink.

We continued the night in Must Puudel and then we headed over to Noorus bar. We heard that Bert on Beats was celebrating his birthday there. I just got to wish him a happy birthday before he took off.

Dj Zuks in deep concentration.

On Saturday we headed to Tartu with Sunlight Heart. They were scheduled to play Kink Konk, so me and Zuks were to be the warm up and cool down acts. It was quite a lot of playing, three hours per Dj, but it's nothing we haven't already done at Danger Danger. The hardest part was the ride to Tartu. I don't think it has ever taken me four hours to get to Tartu before. Nevertheless it was an adventure, a road trip with a car full of sound equipment and instruments.

The core of Sunlight Heart.

I decided to play some IDM classics like Autechre and Amon Tobin to cool the people before the band went on to cool them down. I didn't think people would be able to dance to Autechre that well. The bands performance went much better than in Von Krahl.

Getting naughty.

By that time I had slept 15 hours altogether in three nights. So I didn't mind that much when Dj Renka started setting up turntables to take over with house.

What do you think she told her?

See you soon and thanks for coming,


Top of Estonian Music Videos part#1

Barthol Lo Mejor is having other good stories, but just "Frank Call", in addition to the thrilling beat this sweet nostalgic moment, creating a story with a thoroughly.

There have been quite many music videos made in Estonia. As I don't agree with the official tops or the favorites of the many I have decided do give out some awards to Estonian music videos. (The numbers are illustrative.)

1. Best "driving around partying like it's 2000" music video: Mürgelmaschine - Wie eine Jungfrau.

2. Best "My attention span is short like..." music video: Hape - Tuhat.

3. Best "One shot" / "Jumping tits" music video: Taavi Tulev - Vilsandi.

4. Best "Hipster forest hallucinations" music video: Laika Virgin - Nähtamatu.

5. Best "Bums on TV" music video: TMF - Võsaneeger.

Let me know in the comments, what are your favorite Estonian music videos. See you at Von Krahl tonight and Saturday at Kink Konk in Tartu.


Grafodroom + Paar Veini

Warning! This post may contain graphic images

This weekend was incredibly short, but I got many good photos.

They wanted to know how come they hadn't been featured.

On Friday I went to see Zuks play at the opening of Grafodroom on Vabaduse Väljak. I had just gotten rejected by Tallinn Music Week and I needed to unwind.

You can contract all sorts of stuff from openings and sailors.

Grafodroom was a classical artists' venue. A basement with low ceilings, bare walls and a strong concentration of creative people. As the night progressed, a lot of traditional things happened.

Listening to the guy in black with a guitar.

There were different performers playing, I happened to miss some of them as the sound was most pleasant to listen to from the third room. I did see the guy with an electric guitar, dressed in black. He recruited Zuks to his band to play the backing tapes.

Zuks has a band

As usual I helped Uku with putting effects on tracks and making perfect loops. After our set there was a couple that played some generic ambient. We played Mortal Kombat on an arcade machine which was made out of a computer. I think that was the coolest thing there. The shout out for that goes to Ott.

Pipraviin from the jar.

At some point two girls arrived with a bottle of Pipraviin (spiced vodka) and I ended up drinking more of it than would have been reasonable.

Shopping for women.

Another hero of the night was the shopping cart. Noone else danced as much as it did. After all of that I swung by Must Puudel to grab a cider before heading home at 4:30.

Meeting people at Must Puudel

On Saturday I started at Clazz and continued to Red Emperor where I hadn't been before. I was pleasantly surprised by that place. But it's incredibly hard to find the entrance.

The wonderland of Red Emperor

From there I continued to Paar Veini, where some friends were playing records and others were drinking wine. I hadn't been there either. The fact that there wasn't much more than wine to drink was a downer as I have quit drinking wine. The sound was good though and I would like to go back to hear a good performance there.

Japan isn't that far!

I will be DJing twice in the coming week. I'm warming Sunlight Heart's EP tour. First on the 14th in Von Krahl and then on the 16th in Kink Konk. I will be playing a laid back electroish set so come have a listen. I won't probably do something like that anytime soon again.
See you there!


Sarah Maple and other parties

Can I remix you?

Hey you,
It was a heavy Friday night. It started with two exhibition openings, continued with my first ever bowling game, then a house party and finally Sinilind. It took most of the weekend to recover.

My favorite spectators.

The first opening was that of Sarah Maple. Her works were impressive and the exhibition was well organized. I can't remember the last time that there were so many excited spectators at an opening.

There wasn't much of Sarah to see from the last row.

The second exhibition was in an appropriated cellar with wire frame trees and a photo series of people posing on the same graffiti-covered corner in Tartu. However I managed to find Zuks there.

Changing gallery openings.

The exhibition was cool because it wasn't in a gallery and also because the "tree" engulfed most of the space and couldn't even  be circled. Too bad the wine was already gone by then.

The Kalamaja house party.

I then went to bowling for the first time ever. It was harder than I had expected. However I did better than I would have expected and managed to score a couple of strikes.

Sigue Sigue Fabrique.

Next stop was a house Party in Kalamaja. My phone had run out of juice and I only managed to get the house number. As I arrived I also discovered that there were two houses with the same number. I decided on a window by vague party lights on the second floor. After ten minutes of throwing snow at the window I was invited in by the arriving neighbor couple. The window turned out to be the right one and it was a great surprise to find SS Fabrique and Kalvik also at the party.

Sinilind was so crowded that the seated were worshiped.

From there a group of us went on to a party in Sinilind. There we had a couple of drinks too many and saw a lot of friends - old and new. The night ended at around 5 am.

Meeting Sarah after her artist talk, I was extremely hungover.

See you soon!