Models and Garage

"...tracks which includes suggestive electro pop progressions having reference points to some disco vibes and electroclash-esque convulsive hooks"

I used morse code in my new track "Speed Courrier". Have a listen, maybe you will understand the message.
Erki Moeshow's afterparty was great. The set I played was a bit early but it was short and sweet. I left out all the low tempo and mellow tracks and went for an all in attack. The people, who had made it to the basement, which is Wabandust, before midnight danced away for the half an hour, with some casualties. The first-time organizer Karin took care of everything and checked it twice. Her clothes and hair were covered with safety-pins just in case something was loose. Except for the warm backstage ciders foaming, everything was under control.

I also played another set for Garage48. It's been great working with them. Their hub is in a building that used to be a hip-hop shop and a cafe. From those times there are some funky design elements like golden stairs, graffiti on the walls and neon lights around columns. It's likely that I will be back there playing very soon.

See you soon