Party kittens naked on the roof.

The nights out, my new rap track and a kitten.
Hey you, 
I hope you have been as busy welcoming spring as we have. Over here the streets are filled with party people and the nights never end. We're drinking, fooling around and falling in love night after night. The spring air is fresh and filled with excitement. It brings back lots of good memories from Paris and other places. Some girls just wanna have fun on roofs in my shirt. You can use it as a wallpaper, I do. It's good to see that there are still wild people out there. Our american guest refuses to drink anymore, because his liver hurts.
Someone wearing my Blo Me shirt on a roof, it's a secret. Photo: Lilli Tölp
Went to a wild house party on friday, it was a 20 year birthday. You could recognize the house from far away as the strobe lights were flashing from the upstairs windows. The live band was playing a show when we arrived. There were so many boys in plaid shirts that for a moment, I suspected it was an indie theme party.

Party people watching the band play, strobe off.
At some point Marco the stripper arrived and gave the birthday boy a lap dance. There's nothing like some half naked fun to get the night going. I was glad to meet old friends there. It was truly an amazing house party trashed old school style.

Party people watching the band play, strobe on.
I'm working on a rap song. I have recorded the vocals and the beat is nearly finished. I still have to mix it though. It's a song about how to pick up women, not to be taken overly seriously, but there's some truth to the lyrics. Come back soon to hear it.

People at the smoking room.
Another birthday on Saturday in the old print shop. Me and Redlip were playing electro B2B as Fluon. Mstrkrft-Huoratron-Justice-MIA-Boyz Noize-Steve Aoki-Haezer-Proxy-Bloody Beetroots and so on. Some of it's on video and probably you'll see it soon enough. The night was loads of fun for us. Except for a guy who came to whine to Redlip about the music insisting on hearing Kate Bush. Again some friends I hadn't seen for a while, because they're in the army. The birthday boy played a show with his indie dance group Eclectic Empire. It was their first and I would say it was quite good.

Two girls waiting at the Dj table.

I found this fanart meme through google alerts. I guess what it says is that the new Gorillaz - The Fall album sounds like my older tracks. I listened to some of them and there's a resemblance. It's a good album though.

See you soon


Opening for you

"Why the hell did we have to wait outside for half an hour"
Hey you,
On tuesday we had  the opening for our exhibition. I was glad to see a lot of you there. The people were waiting in line outside of the gallery door for the opening as we still had to mount the sound gear and some of the works. My altar with the golden icon of K8 Mosh was up already 4 hours before so I just had to light the candles, but other artists struggled more with their works. 

Me and the Y gallerist in BLO ME shirts
At the exhibition you can see my digital paintings originally made for KUMU in 2010, but only two of them were then exhibited. So now for the first time you can see all five of them. They are beautiful although beautiful isn't really appreciated.
Exhibition opening speech by Edvin Aedma and my performance
There were performances planned for you at the art opening. Most of them went well. Including the speech about the semiotic context of neurolinguistic cerebral polar processes, the showcase of special children's clothes and my live show. One of the artists wanted to make a performance playing a synth. He has never learned to play the synth and so it was a problem for him but that was the essence of the performance. I was happy to showcase my music as my american friends hadn't heard it before. There could be a future collaboration with one of them. We'll see soon enough.
Popop blogger with two girls. 
Some of the guests stayed for hours as we played music, talked and hung around the gallery. Thanks again to all of you who already came and everyone else still has until the 8th of May to come and see it in Y-gallery.

The crowd looking at my paintings at the opening

"Man, your sound talks big talk"
Two of my tracks were used in a short video in Switzerland. I have no idea what it's about because I can't understand the word they are saying. I guess it's okay because one of the tracks has lyrics in Estonian so they don't have any idea what the music is saying. I will post it as soon as it's public.

I like girls who like beautiful art, especially if they wear my shirt.

Thanks for waiting for this post and for coming. As the spring keeps getting worse, download my songs from the player up there on the right and listen to them from your iPod.

See you soon


Spring celebration in the streets

"We played your music loud and got in the jacuzzi. We used too much foam and it got everywhere."

Hey you,
It's all wet here - Spring is coming to Estonia, that's the big news this week. We started celebrating on Thursday and went until Saturday. More on that afterwards. I hope you have been walking the streets at night, smelling the spring air and listening to my songs. If you haven't then do it. I've been to the studio recording vocals for a new track. I'll share it with you soon. Look at this picture from a beautiful spring night in Paris.
Spring night in Paris
We're going to have and art show in Y-gallery soon. The exhibition opening will probably be on the 12th of April. It will be a show about artists who study semiotics and each one of us has a disorder. I have ADHD(self diagnosed) and the happy colorful paintings that they didn't show in KuMu. So most of them will be shown for the first time. Come over to enjoy K8 Mosh and other heroines. We will have a party after the opening as one of my friends is coming back. He has been gone for 8 months so it's really good to see him again. A celebration is in order.

Pigalle in Paris after the rain, I love neon lights

One of the Blo Me shirts is going to Switzerland. For my main man from years back. Sending him all the best. I hope the shirt is the right size. There's a video of us playing a coffee machine concert on youtube somewhere. There are still shirts left so if you want one, let me know asap. I also sent off my application for RBMA, cross your fingers for me.

Paris Pont des Arts with loads of people
Two of last weeks morning begun with being drunk and ended with bad hangovers. We spent the Friday night with my american friend. He had his friend visiting from Seattle. We pregamed with some IDM and aphex twin and we showed him around afterwards. A couple of  kebabs were involved as well. One of Fridays parties involved two cops who didn't allow anyone go out, but luckily we won.

My last post about the emo dwarf  broke the record last time. Thanks for reading and come back. Bring a friend to our party blog.

See you soon,