Tiger&Woods & tower & fruits

I read Fluon at work instead of composing offers. I laughed so hard.

This week end was packed full of great events and nights. It all started on Friday with a birthday. Three guys were celebrating their birthdays in a tower in the center of Tallinn. I had never visited it before as it's  usually used for conferences.

Flipping off

The DJs were from mostly from the Jack night and the music of the night was techno. There was also an appearance by a rising rapper Tommi €a$h (Cash) . His style was something between Cypress Hill and Die Antwoord.

Tommi €a$h with lazers

"Hip hip hop hop don't don't stop stop, say it so much, my eyes gonna pop pop." There were a lot of people from the Robotaanika park scene reminding of the epic festival.

Riding home

At 4:30 me and Tõnis left for the afterparty. I still don't know what was being celebrated. It had something to do with (break)dancing. There was tons of catering food and prosecco left when we got there. We had to convince the old lady on the door to let us in. She finally let us in when we told her we're here to take the organizer with us and we'll only be there for 10 minutes.

Afterparty with the last men standing.

We stayed for an hour and a half as Tõnis followed his instincts and started mixing music. It was light outside when we biked towards home at 6 am.

View of Tallinn on Saturday.

Half of Saturday was lost because of Friday. But there was a Red Bull Music Academy night with Tiger&Woods playing. I had listened to a mix of theirs before and I feared the night would be too calm to keep me up. However when Tiger&Woods got on the stage their set was very much robot rock with groovy tech-rhythms.

Tiger&Woods - most electronic lives look like Apple demos.

The place wasn't packed as tight as last time with Dj Zinc. However bros and babes still had to rub themselves against bodies around them and back themselves into me and act surprised that I'm there. I was too sober for that much bodily contact. Tiger&Woods' set was super-consistent. During the one and a half hour they didn't include a break and just kept going from track to track keeping the tempo and feel the same. Half of the audience had tired themselves out before the end. RBMA parties are always well organized and the lightning was the best I've seen in Sinilind and I'm waiting for their next club night.

Girls love fruits and vegetables.

Because of popular demand I'm also including last weekend's Tatari Castle's photos. The theme of the party was vegetables and everyone was encouraged to bring a vegetable or fruit to the party and to get intimate with those. There were also DJs and loads of balloons.

Do the D.A.N.C.E. - 12345!

Ricard what else.

A perfect couple - rhubarb and pineapple.

See you soon,