"Don't take my photo!" special

when am I going to be on Fluon?

Taking photos of night culture is fun and people like the camera and are willing to do stuff in front of  it.

"Mysterious Jasmine" hide

However not all of them. Some are too shy, sober, paranoid or strangers. Over these four years I have accumulated a heap of photos of people who didn't wan't to be captured.

"Strangers turn their backs" hide

These photos have a certain style to them and they are interesting to look at. As a whole they form a picture of a group of people who for whatever reason don't want their photo taken and posted. Ironically that's why they are posted here.

"finger in the air" hide

The bizarre part is when the same people ask me for their photos afterwards. So I guess it's just another side of being vain.

the classic "talk to the hand" hide

Don't hide your face from the camera, it won't help anyone. This is a selection from the last year or so. I might have to do a follow up, because there's so much material.

"peek if the photo has been taken" hide

Trying to block the hand hide

"feel sorry for me" hide

The classic drink hide.

"Who is that guy" hide

"Half and half" drink hide.

"Barmaid sign" hide

"We sat at your table but no photos" hide

"We came to your video shoot, but no photos" hide

another "drink" hide

"Cooler hand sign" hide

See you soon!