What went down at Mutant Disco?

I heard your "horse mode"

All of you can hear it (my remix of Röövel Ööbik - Estrangers) here:

Showing off ink in the toilet.

Mutant Disco was in Kink Konk this Friday. The party was with incredibly rich visuals. A friend of mine confessed to being on mushrooms and he elaborated that the visuals f*cking rocked. He spent most of the party marveling the pretty lights.

Raul Saaremets and Rhythm Doctor planning their next bass assault.

The residents of Mutant Disco, Raul Saaremets, Rhythm Doctor and Siim Nestor took turns rocking the dance floor with mind blowing tunes. I saw less of the Haigla crew and it seemed that their vibe was more relaxed than the savage pulse of the Mutanteers.

The spirits were high all around!

It's been a while since I actually danced at a party, but this one got me into the front row. It has also been a while since I've had to wait that long to get a drink. Read how my last Mutant Disco went.

All the girls standing in line for the bathroom

After Kink Konk we decided to see what else was going down and the Bermuda triangle of Rüütli street was the plan. Möku was just closing it's doors as it was 3:03, but the crowd was still going strong. We patrolled around, saw a couple of fights almost start and met some people.

Officer Joanna ready for duty.

Then we headed over to Zavood for that genuine gritty Friday night experience. We got a dose of just what we had in mind with it's no room to move, stinky poo smell and people drunk out of their minds. It's good that some things never change.

We managed to swing by Nälg as well to say hello to the DJs.
See you back in Tallinn,


I've been eating raw meat

Welcome to our house! It's time to leave now!

Welcome back!
It's been awhile and there's been a lot happening at night. The quote is by a friend's girlfriend at his housewarming party. Maybe the coolest thing was the free three course dinner at CRU. Most of it was raw meat, boeuf tartar for starter and medium roast beef for the main course. The cool part is that you get a shot of vodka when you order the tartar.

Everyone is someone in L.A. and even photographers get shot.

A part from the dinner and the housewarming party, I went to Mojo 2 in Must Puudel with Rhythm Doctor DJing. Saturday - two birthday parties in Tartu, one at Tigutorn. The first culminated when they brought out the jello and some guests ended up with whip cream mustaches, monobrows and cheeks. The second one involved making pelmeens in the middle of the party and then eating them all.

I promise I won't post any more food photos.

There's a lot going on so I'm going to keep this post super short. Listen to the tracks and download which ever ones you need, because I'll be taking half of them down soon.

See you at the pool party,


Shooting around Tartu

What the hell is this horse song? The Röövel Ööbik stuff, it's damn good horsemode

Hey, hey!
I've spent most of my week in my Tartu studio, working on the tracks for the coming EP. At the moment there's also a track with vocals that I'm working on. For some of you it's the end of a long wait for some vocals. Apart from producing I went to a shoot of a TV show and played a sad set on Friday. More on that.

Kiwa, Mihkel Raud, my knee and the girls.

On Wednesday we went to Kink Konk, as Kuukulgur was filming a Tartu scene there. Such local celebrities as Rain Tolk, Andres Maimik and Mihkel Raud were present. The scene was something about a bunch of writers hanging with honnies in Tartu. The most interesting part was when Mihkel Raud had to be kissed by 3 girls in a row.

A shot they kept doing over and over again.

The sucky part was that we were supposed to be quiet, but act like we were talking and interacting at a bar. Ain't nobody got time for that! I got in a closer shot as well so you might keep your eyes opened for it when the show comes out.

Transformer Santa Claus with overeager children.

On Friday there was a masked night at Genialistide Club. It was fun because I wore a full mask and no one could recognize me and it got them real confused. Some how I didn't get many decent photos from that night. But the night was decent with interesting act including a humorous electro producer who is blind.

The sad part was the equipment once I got to play. The video gives quite a good sample of the horrific pops and crackles that it shot. Not to mention the lack of bpm count and what not. I squeezed what I could out of it and I got a message this morning saying that it was decent. I'd have to send mad props to the people on the dance floor as they took the half an hour of horrific noise and shit that the machine generated. Most of crowds would have left, but not these party people.

Only good photo I got from the party is of this girl feeling bad.

That's what we did with the weekend which isn't even over yet. I'm going to get working on the EP tracks and see you soon at Tallinn.